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The race to find angel investors

It is a race indeed for small business owners and entrepreneurs to find angel investors since loans approval rates by financial entities are extremely low due to our current harsh economic times. The reason why finding an angel investor is so crucial is because fundraising is simply a ferocious race. According to many experts, raising money is the second hardest task of starting a business. This is the reason why angel investors rise as a solution for many entrepreneurs. Angel investors are, by definition, affluent individuals who provide capital for a business start-up usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

Trying to find angel investors directly is not a wise choice since they prefer to stay anonymous and they won’t risk their safety by interacting with someone they don’t know. Usually, angel investors are disciplined investors who invest in people with a proven record of hard work and in areas of business they already know. Furthermore, they prefer to work locally, so they can witness and have a certain degree of control over their investments. The best way to find an angel investor is through a network like that allows both entrepreneurs and angel investor to interact on different levels.

Where to find an angel investor?

Where to find an angel investor?

Finding an angel investor

It is not as hard as a few years ago to find an angel investor… The hard part is to convince him/her to invest! Since angel investors tend to invest locally, your first step is to look locally. Because of the Internet, it isn’t a challenging task finding angel investors regardless of their anonymous preferences.

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Angel investors directory

There are several groups, networks, and directories where you can find angel investors. Here, we will provide some of the most used directories to find angel investors. However, it is wise to remember to be prepared before trying to reach an angel investor in order to catch his/her attention.

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How to become an angel investor?

The amount of money that an angel invests varies enormously. Since angel investors usually invest within a group of investors, the amount ranges from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands. They usually don’t go further than $250,000 being typical angel rounds these days around $150,000 raised from 5 people.

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